8 Simple Ways to Care for Your Eyeglasses

  1. Take them off using two hands, instead of one. When you remove your glasses with one hand, the opposite side gets stretched more and you end up with one temple being wider and looser than the other. Take your glasses off with two hands by grabbing each temple and pulling them straight off. This allows them to maintain their shape for much longer.
  2. Don’t put your glasses on top of your head. The temples will stretch out and they will become loose. There is also a greater chance of them falling off and getting damaged.
  3. Avoid pushing your glasses up by the nose bridge in a wire frame. This puts pressure on the nose pads and can distort them.
  4. Purchase a microfiber optical cleaning cloth. To clean them, hold your glasses firmly in one hand. Rinse the glasses with clean water to remove any dust or dirt. Dish soap may also be used to clean the lenses. Take your cloth and gently rub both sides so that you can no longer see any spots. Never use the following:
    • Clothing – dirt trapped in the fibers can scratch the lenses
    • Paper towels or tissue – these fibers can scratch the lenses
    • Dirty microfiber cloth
    • Windex
  5. Use appropriate cleaning solution. Eyeglass cleaning spray is available at your local optometrist’s office. Spray a small amount on both sides of each lens, then wipe with a microfiber cloth before the cleaning solutions evaporates.
  6. Keep your glasses in a case when you are not wearing them. If you aren’t using a case, at least make sure the lenses are up, away from any surfaces. Having a case that opens and closes rather than sliding glasses into a case is preferable. One of the biggest reasons glasses break is that people sit on them on the couch or in their car – don’t be that person!
  7. Take your glasses off before using hairspray, perfume or cologne. These products can damage the lenses.
  8. Avoid extreme temperatures. Extreme hot or cold can damage the lenses as well as the frame. Avoid leaving glasses in your car.
  9. With all this being said, even the best fitting glasses need adjustments from time to time. Have them adjusted once or twice per year or as needed.

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